Tools & Disciplines Self-Employed Leaders Should Have

Tools & Disciplines Self-Employed Leaders Should Have

Now more than ever people are considering doing something more than just a regular job to secure their future.  Most are just looking to make a quick buck, some want to make it easier to make ends meet and others have come to understand that a job doesn’t offer the security it once did.  Then there is that select few that have no problem working hard or putting in long hour, but would rather invest that time and energy into themselves.

Wanting to own a business and actually owning a business are two very distinctly different things.  Many dream of owning a business, being successful and gaining wealth, however it is important to acknowledge and understand individual strengths and weaknesses.

Being a business owner means being in charge. More importantly, it means being responsible.  The success or failure of the business falls solely on the shoulders of the owner.  It requires planning and decision making.  Many times decisions have to be made quickly and being indecisive could prove costly.  Keep in mind this cost could come in the form of finance and or time.

Having the right persons in place to assist in the planning, implementation and execution of the business is also important.  An accountant or a lawyer would be helpful to cover financial and legal areas, but a network of others who operate similar businesses can keep a new owner from making “rookie” mistakes.  Connecting with those who have gone before will help steer clear of common problems.

Be prepared to follow through on each and every detail.  . As a small business you must be able to complete the task. This is really hard for the true entrepreneurs, the ideas tend to come quicker than you can execute and complete them.

Keeping a positive attitude and keeping oneself motivated is also key to having a successful business.  There are plenty of occasions when frustration will wear and tear on that zeal to keep pushing forward.

Especially in the beginning you need to have the ability to keep going no matter what comes your way. Tenacity is a must for every business owner.  You may be able to get yourself going, but this is more about moving forward  on day 100 after pounding the pavement with very few wins in your bag.

Can you change at the drop of a hat if needed?

Business moves fast and you learn as you go, so you must be able to be willing to make those changes without hesitation. Changing direction and plans at a moment’s notice.

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