Release That Wining Spirit And Propel Yourself To Success!

Release That Wining Spirit And Propel Yourself To Success!

A winning attitude to success often takes time and work to develop. Using positive affirmations is a proven technique that works miracles in many success stories. Affirmations are one of the most important elements of creative visualization. Ideally, you should look yourself in the eye as you make these positive affirmations.

You can replace negative, limiting thoughts with newly preferred choices of positive thoughts to empower your success. . It must be stated positively, not negatively, instead of, “I will not catch a cold and be sick tomorrow,” which would focus your mind on the idea of illness; you could say “I am healthy now. My body feels wonderful!”  These are examples of using positive affirmations.

This is the way beliefs are formed. As a child, it was a rather sloppy experience. As a baby, you did not know what you could or could not do. Your thoughts about yourselves depended to a great extent on circumstances and others close to us. Very soon, your parents intervened and gave you messages like “good boy”, “no, that is bad.”

Over time, as you heard such statements repeatedly, you began to organize them into a belief system. Various experiences reinforced them and you began to adapt your behavior to conform to them. You tried many things like touching, tasting, exploring, and learning.  You accepted these statements unquestioningly. As an adult, however, you have the power to initiate new thoughts of your own choice.

The words and ideas that run through your minds are very important. You can get rid of thoughts that don’t support you. A new belief system that enables you to be your best is a necessity. It asserts something you know is true, even though it may not have manifested in your life yet. An affirmation is a firm, positive sentence designed to convey a message from your conscious to your subconscious mind.

A crucial portion of this work needs you to make positive affirmation statements about yourself to replace old, negative, self-defeating thoughts. New positive thoughts will take you into the future of your dream. Now you have replaced the negative with a positive thought. Since the mind can only hold one thought at a time, the thought of negative is gone, and your subconscious mind has grabbed hold of the positive thoughts. To adopt new beliefs, you can now systematically choose affirming statements, then consciously say and repeat your affirmations mentally. They will become increasingly true.

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