How To Make Money On Pinterest With Your Brand

How To Make Money On Pinterest With Your Brand

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It is no secret that Pinterest is one the fastest growing social Image sharing sites to date. With a social following growing at over 11.7 million unique monthly visitors since January 2011, why wouldn’t you want to tap into this hotspot??? Pinterest is a social spot where socialites of all kinds can share their interests, desired foods, must buys, and favorite things of all sorts with the world. Sounds simple enough right??? You “Pin” great quality pics of the things you like on your board, then you find other pinned items that fit your fancy and can re-pin them on your board and share them. Pinterest’s genius concept now allows you discover new concepts in your favorite area of ‘likeable items’, and bring together the people who also share in all of these things in one platform.


Well if you are a marketer or business owner, this is an environment that you must not sleep on. The Question you may ask is how the heck do I market myself on Pinterest, well, glad you asked  😉


First thing is to get on the pinning wagon and open up an account. The next step is to create what is called a ‘board’ and name it something enticing that is related to your interest and within your market. We are visual creatures so the clearer, vividly colored, and enticing a picture is, the more likely it will be able to grab a person’s attention.  The cool part is that people will see the pictures they like and “Re-Pin” them to their boards for others to see. This is a form of “Pinning Love” basically creating syndication among eye candy for all to see.


Make Money On Pinterest and Get Free Traffic


Here is the cool part and a way to make money on Pinterest. Your pictures are tied to wherever you have pinned them from. So if you are marketing for a cosmetic line, then pin some awesome enticing pics of people using your products. When people click on the pictures, Pinterest will bring up a larger view of the picture to see. The larger viewed picture is also clickable, so when the person clicks on the large viewed picture they are taken back to where the source of the picture is. Now, if the source is coming from your web site or online presence then you are getting new free traffic coming to your site, but if the picture is coming from an outside source other than ‘your site’, then you are just giving away free marketing promotions. is a good example of a site that utilizes its pictures to market itself. A picture that is clicked on’s board is takes them back to’s website.


Learn How You Can Make up to $25, $100, $500, $1000, Every Single Day even as you sleep by simply blogging Daily!


Now the only way to completely miss out on an awesome marketing concept is to not have the right online platform to market your business. Remember, all that free traffic you can generate on Pinterest will go to someone else if you don’t have the right tools. For less than $30, you will use this online marketing tool to get you marketing and making money on Pinterest and getting traffic to your sites, all without having to be an IT Major, or hiring expensive developers or killing all of your time. Start making money on Pinterest, market your business with an online platform, and have fun doing it. Happy Pinning!!!

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