From the time I could remember, I have always desired to be a business owner and not live the traditional corporate lifestyle. Nothing wrong at all with working the 9-5 job, but it was just not for me. Early in life I was exposed to both lifestyles of the corporate career life and business ownership. I carefully observed both and took note that many of the corporate career builders worked very very hard, and lived a lifestyle in which they had very little control over. However, those who truly built and owned their own businesses also worked extremely hard, but they enjoyed much more of their life and had more control over their lifestyle. I then made the decision that if I was going to work hard, it would be for myself and develop a lifestyle that I too could control. Now don’t get me wrong, many people truly enjoy what they do and have a desire to build a corporate career. That is an awesome thing and a blessing to do what you desire and become happy from it. But, I am a person who finds true happiness in reaping benefits from the development of my own hands and ingenuity. I saw that I could be financially compensated to what I was worth through the performance of my business efforts, and not being paid from what someone else thought I was worth, after giving my all.So, I have a strong passion for business and the development of business owners. I believe that business ownership i## s an asset that not only creates opportunity for the person who builds it, but becomes an opportunity and blessing(s) for those who come in contact with it. Now many people are desiring to own an asset that produces financially, however are not sure where to start in getting the right information. People believe that the only ‘real’ businesses are those that are of brick and mortar or from buying a franchise. Other thoughts include that owning a business requires distinct talent in niche industries, costs too much money, or takes up too much time. These impeding thoughts are all far from the truth. With our current gifts of technology we have means of not only acquiring all of the information we need, but have a means to create businesses that transcend all of the barriers that prevent many who desire to take the first step.

The Internet is full of proposed deals and turn-key solutions to making money, but in reality the element of true cultivation in teaching is near non-existent. People want something different, and know that building a business asset will provide a lifestyle they truly desire. I strive to show those who desire to be business owners and leaders a means to utilize current technology, create an online presence, and capitalize on a market that will continue to increase in economic growth for many generations to come. Business ownership is real, and can truly be used to achieve your dreams and goals.


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